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Cooperation Centres

WBFF shall develop procedures and criteria for the selection within each Member Region of bonsai and/or penjing exhibition facilities that are open to the public to be designated as “WBFF Cooperation Centres” in order to provide international recognition to such facilities and establish a worldwide network of cooperating centers supporting bonsai and/or penjing.

CC network called for in the Bylaws has great promise in helping WBFF succeed in achieving the first objective set forth in the Bylaws, which is “To promote and diffuse throughout the world bonsai and penjing, a living art that can be appreciated by all peoples.” With the number of public bonsai and penjing collections growing around the world, the CC network can be a key driver in promoting WBFF’s global mission by having physical standard bearers for WBFF in every Region, annually celebrating World Bonsai Day and learning from each other as they promote the art of bonsai and penjing.

All Centres

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