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WBFF Future Generation

Message from Frank Mihalic, the 2nd generation Bonsai Master from The United States

Frank Mihalic, the current President of Bonsai Club International (BCI) 

I have been an active member of the BCI board for more than 10 years. I am very passionate about getting our young people interested in bonsai. My book "Bonsai for Kids" is soon to be released in 10 languages. I am trying to get everyone in the bonsai world to make a real effort to get kids involved with bonsai.

The popular book for kids writen by Frank, can be found on book store and

Message from Dato Pui Khiang Khang, seating presenting of MBSS,

message to bid the 10th WBC.

Finally, this is my personal appeal.
Even the life of a bonsai is older than me. So, bonsai must be passed on to the next generation to
preserve the life in the tray. This is important.
Please, give me a chance so that I can show to my granddaughter/ grandson the beauty of bonsai art.

The following photos is MBSS regularly activities for kids Bonsai workshop in Malaysia.
The Youngest Japanese Bonsai Master - Chieri_Shimizu 清水ちえり

Born in 2007, age 16, the youngest member of the Japan Bonsai Association. 
Selected for the
2020 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition for the first time (the youngest ever to be selected) Selected in 2021
Selected in 2023 - 2026 World Bonsai Convention in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Ambassador TV Asahi "Sandwich Man & Mana Ashida no Hakase-chan" NHK "Good Morning Japan" Other media, newspapers, magazines, etc.