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Chen Chang 

WBFF Director - China Region

Director for China Region of Bonsai Clubs International (BCI)
•Board Chairman of the Flowers, Penjing and Viewing Stones Section of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture
•Lifetime Honorary President of Guangzhou Penjing Association

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Our Story

Sino-Japan Bonsai Culture Communication Activity

On 5 November 2016, the first Sino-Japan Bonsai Culture Communication Activity was held in Changshu, Jiangsu.

The agenda included four activities:-

  1. Jiangsu Bonsai Association Alliance opening ceremony

  2. The art of Bonsai seminar

  3. Sino-Japan bonsai exhibition communication 

  4. Bonsai creation show

The president of Japan Bonsai Association and WBFF Mr. Fukuda along with Mr. Kimura who is the most prestigious person in Japan and world bonsai circle, and other eight honoured guests (including 2 translators) participated in this activity.​Chinese leaders including Deputy Director of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture Flower Bonsai Suiseki Branch, national bonsai masters and the vice-president of Jiangsu Bonsai Association Alliance participated in the activity.


Additionally about 150 Chinese and foreign honoured guests participated in it.​This activity, with the theme of “no borders for art, mutual communication of bonsai”, aims at providing a pioneering communication platform for the development of Sino-Japan bonsai culture, which is the highest-level of friendly exchange activity between China and Japan until now.​


The success of this activity has positive and profound influence on further strengthening the communication and cooperation of Sino-Japan bonsai culture, learning from each other, making the best of the both worlds and mutually developing and promoting Chinese bonsai art and internationalisation of Chinese bonsai.


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