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Latin America Region


Director - Latin America Region 

Mr. Enrique Castaño de la Serna

Position held: Senior professor
Name and address of employer: Centro de Investigación Cientifica de Yucatan, Unidad de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular de Plantas, Calle 43 no 130 Col Chuburna de Hidalgo, CP 97200, Mérida, Mexico
General comments
Enrique Castaño from Mexico, As a second-generation bonsai artist was introduced to the art of bonsai as a normal part of life, overtime his love for nature lead to his studies in biology followed by Ph.D in 1997 from Rochester University. After he did postdoctoral positions at Harvard and in the UK, which were valued opportunities to observe the work of well-known artist and more important to see different aspects of nature in different regions of the world. Currently, he is the president of Bonsai Tropical de Mexico, President of FELAB, Director of BCI and Past director of ABS.  He is active in the education of bonsai Arts as well as a full professor in the scientific research center in Merida. During the years he has obtained several bonsai awards and recognitions from WBFF, BCI, FELAB, CBA, IST, etc, has been an Editor for KBA and ABP, and has published several articles and a book on bonsai botany. He has done several demonstrations in the UK, USA, Mexico, Czech Rep. Lithuania, China, and Taiwan. But most important is his love for understanding nature and finding how to represent it in the beautiful art of bonsai.

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Latin American & Caribbean Bonsai Federation (FELAB)

After the first World Bonsai Congress in Japan in 1989 when WBFF was created a group of Latin American bonsai enthusiast was appointed to create a Federation in order to become a region to be part of WBFF.
In February of 1992, in the city of Cali, Colombia with participants from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia FELAB was created.

The main objective of this organization is to promote the dissemination of knowledge of the art of Bonsai, its philosophy and the specific techniques with the aim of developing this art, Bonsai organizations and individuals through the educational and cultural means multinational friendship, understanding and goodwill between members of FELAB and other organizations of the world of bonsai.

Our Region includes all countries in the Caribbean and South America.

We do have a Regional web page for more information. Our official language on that page is Spanish


Latin America Region Collection

Latin America Region Collection 2

Bonsai showcase by renowned
artists from  Latin America Region

Puerto Rico bonsai Exhibition 2023