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Proposal to Institute 

WBFF Regional Conventions

in addition to hosting a World Bonsai Convention (WBC) every four years, WBFF now also encourage and support WBFF-branded mid-term Regional World Bonsai Conventions” (“WBFF Regional WBCs”).  Given the existing interest in the Regions to have the first of these WBFF Regional WBCs next year in 2024.

While WBFF has gained a worldwide reputation for the WBCs it holds every four years, WBFF’s mission of promoting the art of bonsai and fostering peace and goodwill among the peoples of the world would achieve even more success by increasing the number of major conventions it holds or supports. 

The mid-term Regional WBCs would enhance WBFF’s reputation and give it more opportunities to carry out its mission.

Respectful regional Bonsai organisations are required to contact their respective regional director for the proposal and procedure details, and WBFF is now accepting bids for the 2024 event, with a deadline of 30th December 2023.

Instructions for Bidding to Host a WBFF Regional WBC

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